Security and Travel Facilitation

Security & Travel Facilitation

Technological advances, enhanced mobility and more affordable travel have enabled an unprecedented rise in the number of travellers over the past few decades. Today, more than 1.5 billion people cross borders for business or leisure, with billions more travelling domestically every year.

At the same time, increasing political risks and geopolitical instability require more stringent security checks and processes, putting pressure on often outdated systems which are already strained.

WTTC’s work in this area demonstrates that improved visa facilitation and the deployment of innovative technologies, such as biometrics, can continue to drive economic growth and job creation, while addressing security concerns to ensure that travel is safe, secure and seamless.

Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey

WTTC's global vision for the Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey is to enable a seamless, safe and secure end-to-end traveller journey encompassing both air and non-air traveller touchpoints.

Seamless Traveller solutions enabled through biometrics, provide the mechanism to increase security while enhancing the traveller experience across the air and non-air touchpoints. Additionally, contactless biometric technology can assist in the prevention of pathogens’ transmission between passengers. These solutions will capitalize on several opportunities including improving the customer experience, creating a frictionless experience at touchpoints, improving security, health safety, and promoting commercial benefits to travel providers.

If you would like more information on the Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey initiative, contact Helena Bononi

Guidelines for WTTC's Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey - Testing, Tracing and Health Certificates

The guidelines provide governments who require testing, tracing, or receipt of a traveller test/vaccine certificate to reduce the transmission of pathogens with:

    • principles and recommendations from the private sector
    • opportunity for consistent policies among countries
    • alternative policies to eliminate detrimental procedures such as mandatory quarantine periods

Contactless traveller journeys combined with health components, allows travel providers and governments to move travellers more efficiently and safely through checkpoints reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus travellers to regain trust and confidence to travel.

Further SSTJ Reports

What our Members say....

Robin Ingle
CEO, Travel Navigator, Novus Health, 360 Navigator

“Through WTTC’s leadership and with the collaboration of the travel industry we see a rebirth of travel in stages over the next few years. As experts in health, travel risk management and safety while on the go, we are working collaboratively with thought leaders in the industry to implement innovative technology to modify travel and remove barriers and concerns. We see a strong re-emergence in international mobility with purpose and thoughtfulness, engaging all stakeholders in its design and direction. Our company is focused on evolving our offering alongside global regulations to better support the needs of travellers, governments, and the travel and tourism industry. Our mission will always be to simplify and promote healthy and safe travels by providing trusted, integrated mobile tools and professional services. We believe that enabling a touchless, seamless journey will make it easier for travellers to start exploring the world again."

Greg Webb
CEO, Travelport

“As we transition from crisis to recovery, we need to ensure that the global travel and tourism industry is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge required to deliver a safe and responsible return for travel. Rapid, affordable and widely available COVID-19 testing, tracing and, in time, vaccination certificates for both travelers and the industry workforce, will play a critical role here. We therefore fully support the WTTC’s new initiative to integrate these vital health security components into its Seamless Traveler Journey program and encourage governments around the world to work with the industry to ensure that healthy individuals are able to travel across borders, as they have in the past. We would like to thank the WTTC for driving this initiative forward on behalf of the travel and tourism industry and for involving Travelport in its creation, as well as on-going recovery discussions.”  

Paul Griffiths
CEO, Dubai Airports

“Given the role of the entire industry in facilitating social and economic recovery, we need to do everything we can to build positive sentiment that travel is a safe and aspirational commodity once the appropriate medical mitigations are in place.  In the short term, we have to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the welfare of staff and customers is paramount, but look to ease restrictions and preventative measures as soon as it is safe and prudent to do so.  We are social creatures and our innate desire to travel will be evident once the world opens up.  We must be ready, willing and able - as an entire industry - to make this happen”  

Aileen Clemente
Chairman & President, Rajah Travel Corporation

"The Guidelines on Safe and Seamless Traveller Journey that has been developed by WTTC is a prime example of how Safe and Travel do not have to be juxtaposed terms. And that different agencies, organizations, and entities may aspire to having “Safe Travel”. We congratulate WTTC for working so tirelessly and having this initiative to balance Safety and Travel. Now is not the time for unilateralism and calls for greater collaboration. By having these guidelines, it is a means of showing that it CAN be done. We very much support the works of WTTC and we strongly believe that this should be the way forward."

Joseph J. Richardson, Jr.
President & CEO, AAA Auto Club Group

"Confidence in travel will be enhanced by building upon our over 100 year tradition of helping travelers make informed decisions and travel safely.  While COVID-19 is a new virus, we have a long history in the travel industry of helping people balance the joy of travel with safety considerations.  By working together to streamline processes and expedite travelers’ journeys, we can return the industry to growth and prosperity.  AAA will continue to partner with the WTTC and organizations that have strong operating procedures and deliver outstanding experiences.  We will train our Travel Advisors on new safety protocols and will continue helping travelers explore the world safely and enjoyably."

Miguel Leitmann
CEO, Vision-Box

“At Vision-Box, we are aware of the urgency and complexity of the current situation and fully support all health and safety measures recommended by WTTC. We are driving the research and development of innovative technology that confronts and neutralizes this unprecedent public health challenge. Based on our state-of-the-art tracing, touchless and contactless digital identity management solutions we contribute to enhanced travel processes, so travellers can once again feel safe and secure. We are fully committed to advance all measures that enhance the security of travellers and to step up as partner to provide the tools and services for the flexibility needed to navigate tomorrow’s challenges.”

Hans Miller
CEO, Airside

"Airside is proud to be part of WTTC's commitment to making the world safe for travel. While our attention is focused today on COVID-19 and the unprecedented challenges it has posed to our industry, the Safe & Seamless Travels initiative is laying the foundation for a fundamental shift that will change travel for years to come.  Speed and efficiency are no longer enough, and travel innovation today must emphasize the health, safety, and privacy of travelers and travel communities. We look forward to partnering with WTTC to advance this important work."

Dan Richards
CEO, Global Rescue

“According to the Global Rescue survey of members, nearly 80% of travelers expect to return to the airways and roadways. Travellers are prepared to be tested, and 91% of people interviewed are willing to share personal medical history, and their travel plans as a pre-condition to returning to travel. They are willing and eager to help keep themselves and those around them safe.”

Visa Facilitation

While millions of travellers cross borders every year without the need for traditional paper visas, millions more still find their travel plans restricted by complicated application processes and paperwork. Huge strides have been made in travel facilitation over the past decade, yet traditional visa policies remain an obstacle to both tourism and economic growth.

This barrier can, however, become an opportunity for growth and job creation for destinations around the world through the implementation of progressive approaches to travel facilitation and new technologies to aid the implementation of new, more efficient visa policies.

WTTC’s research highlights the benefits of visa facilitation in terms of increases in international arrivals as well as job creation.

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