WTTC COVID-19 Members Hub

WTTC Members COVID-19 Hub

We are in uncharted territory; our sector is uniquely exposed, and in a fight for its survival.

WTTC is deeply concerned by the impact of COVID-19, and our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering and who have lost loved ones. First and foremost, we remain committed to prioritising the health, safety and well-being of our people- our customers and our employees.

We are here to support you in every way we can in these trying times. We believe that collaboration and alignment are paramount. More than ever we need to work together to ensure our sector survives and is able to rebuild to become stronger and more resilient than before. While we cannot yet say when we will enter this next phase, we will be by your side, leading the sector through this crisis and its recovery.

WTTC Messaging

It is vital that we speak with one voice, to ensure our sector is heard. We encourage all Members to use the below messaging and documentation in conversations with Governments as well as other relevant stakeholders and circulate them as appropriate.

Specifically, it is essential to:

  • Reinforce the importance of strong public-private partnerships and greater international cooperation to ensure that we execute a coordinated response for the sector during the management and recovery from COVID-19.
  • Reiterate that Travel & Tourism represents 10.3% of global GDP and supports 330 million jobs on the planet, or 1 in 10 jobs, making it a critical driver of economic growth and the backbone of many economies around the world. With the right measures in place to support the sector, we can and will be a vehicle to drive recovery when we enter this next phase.
  • Call on all Governments to take drastic and decisive action now to prevent this global health crisis from becoming a worldwide economic catastrophe, and to preserve and protect the contribution of the Travel & Tourism sector.

For the latest EIR statistics, please visit our EIR section.

WTTC COVID-19 Related Activities

To support its Members in advocating for strong and enabling policies, WTTC is undertaking a number of activities: 

WTTC Taskforce with Industry Associations - WTTC is coordinating and leading a Taskforce of the leading global associations and international organisations to share and exchange information including data and strong governmental policies, to discuss the challenges facing different regions and industry segments, so as to ultimately define a coordinated recovery action plan.  Taskforce Members include: ACI, CLIA, ETC, IATA, PATA, U.S. Travel Association, WEF, ICAO, OECD and UNWTO.

WTTC Member Taskforce - All WTTC Members are invited to join the weekly Taskforce call on Wednesdays at 2 PM / GMT. The taskforce is a platform used to share insights but more importantly to help us better understand the critical issues in different industries / regions and how WTTC can be of assistance.

Engagement with Governments and Global Policy Monitoring

WTTC is currently engaging with over 100 Governments around the world to request urgent support for the Travel & Tourism sector. We are also monitoring the regional and national policy shifts to support Members in amplifying the messages they would like to communicate in the regions and countries within which they operate.


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